The Danish Lottery has been creating big winners and giving back to society since it was formed in 1948. Learn about the key dates in Danish Lottery history, including when games have started, changes have been made and record prizes have been won.

1948July 21
Dansk Tipstjeneste was Formed

A Tip service, Dansk Tipstjeneste was formed, primarily as a way to raise money for athletes who needed funding. The Danish Olympic Committee had been calling for permission to offer Tips since 1936, but laws on betting needed to be established before a gaming company could be founded.

1949May 9
Tips Game was Made Available

The first Tips game was made available, with players having to predict the outcome of 12 football matches. There were 18 winners of the top prize, who each received a payout of 3,916 kroner.

1989Oct 7
Lotto was Launched

After more than 40 years of Tips-based games, the first draw game took place with the launch of Lotto on Saturday 7th October 1989.

1993Mar 17
First Viking Lotto Draw

The first Viking Lotto draw was held in Norway, with Denmark among the five participating countries at the time. The game was originally known as Onsdags Lotto in Denmark and was the first multinational lottery ever seen in Europe.

2008Mar 29
The Biggest Winner

A player from Copenhagen became the biggest winner in Lotto’s history, banking a prize worth more than 38 million kroner.

2012Jan 1
A Change of Legislation

New legislation was introduced in Denmark, allowing other companies to offer gambling. However, the Danish Lottery kept some of its exclusive rights on certain games.

2012Mar 23
EuroJackpot was Launched

Eurojackpot was launched with seven participating countries, including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

2012Oct 26
First Danish EuroJackpot Top Prize Winner

A player from Denmark became the first ticket holder from outside of Germany to win Eurojackpot’s first prize, landing 135 million kroner. It set a new record for the largest lottery win in Danish history.

2015Feb 20
Denmark's Biggest Ever EuroJackpot Winnner

A Eurojackpot prize of 315 million kroner was snapped up by a ticket holder from Elsinore, making them the country’s biggest-ever winner.

2017May 6
Extra Prizes Introduced

Lotto’s Millionaire Guarantee was established in its current format, with two prizes of 1 million kroner given away alongside every Saturday draw.

2020Jan 29
Denmark's Biggest Ever Viking Lotto Winner

A man from Elsinore won the biggest Viking Lotto prize ever to be paid out in Denmark. He matched all the numbers to claim 206 million kroner.

2021Jun 9
Viking Lotto Rule Change

The rules for Viking Lotto changed. The number of Viking balls was reduced from 8 to 5, improving the odds of winning the top prize. The maximum jackpot came down from €35 million (approximately 260 million kroner) to €25 million (185 million kroner).

2021Jun 12
Lotto Updated

Lotto was updated to create even bigger prizes. The minimum top prize was increased from 6 million kroner to 7 million kroner, while the cost of entry changed from 5 kroner to 6 kroner. It was also announced that a Christmas Raffle would be held on the first Saturday after Christmas Eve every year, guaranteeing that 12 players would win 1 million kroner each.

2022Mar 25
Changes to Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot was updated, with a Tuesday draw introduced and a change to the game’s format. The matrix was changed from 5/50 and 2/10 to 5/50 and 2/12. The jackpot cap was also raised by €30 million, from €90 million to €120 million.

2022Jul 22
New Danish Record

The largest Eurojackpot prize in history was won, and it went to a player from Denmark. The lucky ticket, sold at a Meny store in Blåvand, was the only one from across Europe to match all the numbers and was worth 759 million kroner (€120 million).