Tips 13

In Tips 13, you predict the results of 13 football matches. There’s a different list of fixtures every day, taken from leagues and competitions around the world. You have to specify which team you think will win the game, or whether you think it will be a draw. The first prize pool can be worth 250,000 kroner or more and is shared between the players who get the most right.

Tips 13 Coupons

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Upcoming Fixtures For Tuesday - 18th June 2024

  Home Team Away Team Result
1 Portugal Tjekkiet Upcoming
2 Tyrkiet Georgien Upcoming
3 Akranes KR Reykjavik Upcoming
4 Fram Reykjavik Kopavogur Upcoming
5 Fylkir Reykjavik IF Vestri Upcoming
6 Stjarnan FH Hafnarfjördur Upcoming
7 Valur Reykjavik Vikingur Reykjavik Upcoming
8 DFK Dainava Alytus FA Siauliai Upcoming
9 Al Ittihad Al Sakandary Al Ahly SC (Egy) Upcoming
10 Zed Fc Pharco Fc Upcoming
11 Gremio Novorizontino SP Amazonas FC AM Upcoming
12 Guarani FC SP Ituano FC SP Upcoming
13 Paysandu SC PA CR Brasil Al Upcoming


Go to the Tips 13 Results page to see what happened in the most recent game. You can see the scores from the football matches and find out the number of Tips 13 winners.

How to Play

To play Tips 13, you have to predict the outcome of the 13 football fixtures listed for that particular day. For each match, you’ll see the two teams, followed by three boxes. Here’s how to make your predictions.

  • Select the first box - marked ‘1’ - if you think the home team (listed first) will win
  • Select the middle box - marked ‘X’ - if you think the match will be a draw
  • Select the third box - marked ‘2’ - if you think the away team (listed second) will win

You can select more than one of the boxes for each match. For example, if you think a match will finish as either a home win or a draw, select the first two boxes. Marking two of the three options is known as ‘halvgardering’, as you are guarding half of the outcomes. If you want to mark all three options, it is called ‘helgardering’. Both techniques are useful if you’re not sure what the outcome of a particular match will be, or if you want to boost your chances of winning by making sure you get a correct prediction for that fixture.

The cost of playing increases proportionally for each selection that you make. It costs 1 kroner to bet on a single selection for each of the 13 matches. If you select a single outcome in 12 of the 13 matches, then two outcomes for the final match, you are effectively submitting two sets of predictions and so the cost is doubled. The cost is tripled if you mark all three options for one match. The cost continues to go up as you cover more outcomes across different matches.

If you wish to cancel a game, rules state that you must do so within five minutes of purchasing your entry, at the same store where you bought it, provided the cut-off time for playing has not passed.

Game Types (Spiltypes)

There are various different game types that you can choose to try and help you predict as many of the 13 football matches as possible. These are system entries where you cover more combinations than a single bet for each match.

Matematiske (M-system) – This is the basic sort of system where every combination of all your bets is entered separately. For example, if you select three helgarderinger and three halvgarderinger, the cost is 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2, which is 216 kroner for 216 combinations. The most that is allowed is 1024 combinations, for 10 halvgarderinger.

Reducerede (R-system) – The problem with the mathematical model is that the cost builds up so quickly. As an alternative, you can choose from a range of reduced systems. If you pick one of these, you still get some cover from wrong predictions with a number of helgarderinger and halvgarderinger, but not every combination will be entered. For example, if you opted for the R 2-5-12 system, this would give you two helgarderinger and five halvgarderinger, at a cost of 12 kroner. With a mathematical system, this would cost 288 kroner.

You are not guaranteed the top prize with a reduced system, even if all your predictions are correct for the matches that you have not guarded with a helgardere. However, there is always a minimum win guarantee with a reduced system.

Udgangsrække (U-System) – This type of system works in a similar way to the reduced model, as you are not entering every single combination of bets that you have selected. The difference is that for every match where you have selected multiple outcomes, you need to indicate which prediction you are betting most of your money on. For example, if you have marked ‘home win’ and ‘away win’ for the first match on the list, you have to select which one you think is most likely.

Tips 13 Prizes

There are four prize categories in Tips 13. You need to get at least 10 of your 13 predictions correct to win a prize, and you receive a bigger payout as you get even more right. If you correctly predict the outcome of all 13 matches, you win the first prize.

The first prize pool can be worth 100,000 kroner or sometimes as much as 250,000 kroner. The prize money in all four categories is split between winners, so the payout amount varies from game to game. The following table shows the percentage of the prize pool that goes to each category.

Numbers Selected Odds of Winning Prize
13 Correct Predictions 1 in 1,594,323 36%
12 Correct Predictions 1 in 62,320 16%
11 Correct Predictions 1 in 5,110 16%
10 Correct Predictions 1 in 697 32%

The odds displayed represent the chances of getting your predictions correct if the match outcomes were entirely random. The results of football matches are not determined at random, though, so the actual chances of winning on a particular day may well be different. If there are no winners in a prize level, the money is transferred to the next game.