The Biggest Danish Lottery Winners

The Danish Lottery produces thousands of winners every week across its range of games, but some players are especially lucky and get to claim prizes worth millions of krone. Find out about Denmark’s biggest Eurojackpot, Viking Lotto and Lotto winners.

Eurojackpot Winners

The biggest wins in Danish Lottery history have come since the arrival of Eurojackpot. As the game is offered in 18 countries, it is able to offer a minimum prize pool of €10 million (approximately 75 million kr). With millions of tickets sold every week, the jackpot also grows extremely quickly between draws. Here’s a rundown of the top prizes ever won in Denmark:

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759 million kr

Eurojackpot reached its €120 million jackpot limit for the first time in July 2022, following a run of seven weeks without a winner. It set up the biggest draw ever seen in the lottery’s history, and it ended up being a Danish player who won the record amount. The prize was worth 759 million kr, more than twice as much as the previous national record. The winning ticket was sold in West Jutland, at a Meny store in Blåvand.

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315 million kr

A player from Elsinore wrote their name into Danish lottery history on 20th February 2015, becoming the country’s biggest-ever winner. The first prize pool had gone seven draws without a winner at the very start of the year, before one lucky ticket holder matched all the numbers. It was quickly revealed that the winner was from Denmark and had purchased their entry from a local Kvickly store in Elsinore’s Prøvestenscentret. The big win was worth more than twice as much as the previous Danish record, which belonged to a player who had pocketed 135 million kr in October 2012.

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310 million kr

This nine-figure Eurojackpot payout went to a ticket holder from the Roskilde Municipality on 9th April 2021. It was revealed to be a man in his 40s, who was contacted by the Danish Lottery a few days later while he was out in his car and was advised to drive to the side. He immediately called his boss to resign from work and drove to a Mercedes dealership to place an order. The winner, who had played 20 random rows, also made a promise to use the money to help others.

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210 million kr

A Eurojackpot player from the Kalundborg Municipality landed this prize in game week 49 in 2018, setting them up for the perfect Christmas and beyond. They played on a subscription, meaning they were automatically entered into every draw without having to remember to buy a new ticket.

Viking Lotto Winners

Like Eurojackpot, Viking Lotto benefits from the fact that tickets are sold in multiple countries. This drives the first prize pool up quickly from its minimum value of €3 million (approximately 22 million kr). Many big winners have been created in Denmark since the game launched in 1993.

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206 million kr

A man from Elsinore became Denmark’s biggest Viking Lotto winner on 29th January 2020, before revealing that he had no idea that he even entered the draw. As a subscriber, he thought he had only played Saturday Lotto and did not realise he also had a ticket for Viking Lotto. He said he was completely overwhelmed by the win but would spend the money wisely, buying a house for himself and one for his parents.

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158 million kr

The rules changed in 2021 and a jackpot cap was put in place, so the top prize could not go beyond €25 million. It had been at its maximum from 7th June until 18th August, when a lucky player from Denmark won a prize worth 158 million kr. They had purchased 10 rows of lightning games from a dealer in the Hjørring Municipality in North Jutland.

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140 million kr

A player from Horsensvej landed this huge prize in game week 33 in 2016. It was the biggest Viking Lotto win seen in Denmark at the time and remained the record for three and a half years.

Lotto Winners

Saturday Lotto has regularly delivered prizes in the tens of millions of krone. The biggest win to go to a single ticket was worth 38 million kr and was claimed by a family from Copenhagen in 2008. The largest prize in Lotto history dates back to 2009 and was worth 72 million kr. Three players matched all the numbers to win 24 million each.

Biggest Joker Winner

The first prize in Joker starts at a minimum of 2 million kr and rises when it is not won. The highest it has ever reached before being won is 50 million kr, back in game week 43 of 2015. A player from Frederiksberg matched all seven numbers in order to claim the prize.