Danske Lotto: Prizes, Odds and Prices

There are five different prizes available every time you play Danske Lotto, ranging from matching four numbers up to the jackpot pool. If no players win the main pool in a draw, it will accumulate in value for the following Saturday.

Each prize has different odds of winning and overall your chances of landing a prize are around 1 in 61. Take a look at the prize table below to see what you could win:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize in Last Draw Fewest
Ever Winners
Ever Winners
Winners Per Draw
Winners in Last Draw
7 correct (Jackpot pool) 1 in 8,347,680 Not Won 0 5 0.9 0
6 numbers + Tillægstal 1 in 1,192,526 kr.190,988 0 26 6.4 3
6 numbers 1 in 42,590 kr.2,884 86 903 182.1 86
5 numbers 1 in 979 kr.183 4,190 15,919 7,864.5 4,190
4 numbers 1 in 65 kr.70 65,633 220,450 117,947.9 65,633

What is the Tillægstal?

After the seven main numbers have been drawn from the set of 1-36, an eighth number is drawn from the remaining 29 numbers. This number is known as the Tillægstal.

The Tillægstal only comes into play for players that have already matched six of the seven main numbers. Those that miss out on the jackpot by one number have a second chance to win a bigger prize by matching the Tillægstal.

Please note that the Tillægstal only comes into play for the 2nd tier prize, 6 Correct + Tillægstal.

As the eighth number is drawn after the seven main numbers from the same set, it is not possible for the Tillægstal to be the same as one of the seven main numbers.

What is the price of a Danske Saturday Lotto ticket?

The ticket price for a single row of numbers is 6 kroner. You can also opt for multiple tickets at a time that are generated for you using a Quick Pick mechanism, meaning that you don’t select the numbers yourself. You can purchase anywhere between five and 100 rows per transaction using this method.

When you purchase your tickets, you are also able to opt in to the Joker draw for an extra 10 kroner. You will be able to opt in to either the Wednesday or Saturday Joker draw, which both have separate jackpot pools.