How to Play Viking Lotto

You play Viking Lotto by selecting six main numbers from 1 to 48 and one Viking number between 1 and 5. Add the supplementary Joker game to your ticket for a small additional cost and you’ll have another chance to win a great prize.

Draws are held every Wednesday night at 8:00pm. You can play online or from authorised retailers in the 10 participating countries. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to play in Denmark.

Pick Numbers
Pick Your Numbers

Select your own six numbers from 1 to 48, plus a Viking Ball from 1 to 5

Draw Progress
Choose How Many Draws

Indicate whether you want to enter just the upcoming draw or multiple consecutive draws.

Decide on Joker

You can choose whether to play Joker alongside Viking Lotto

Pay Entries
Purchase Entries

Once you are happy with your selections, you can purchase your entries.

Select Your Numbers

You can pick your Viking Lotto numbers in several different ways. One option is to select your own six numbers from 1 to 48, plus a Viking Ball from 1 to 5. Alternatively, you could go with the ‘Lyn Viking Lotto’ technique to get a random set generated in an instant.

If you want to combine the two methods, opt for ‘Lykke Viking Lotto’ and select up to six of the seven required numbers yourself. The computer will randomly generate the remaining numbers for you.

The final option is to play a system, where you actually pick more than the required seven numbers. The computer automatically generates all the valid rows of six main numbers and one Viking number that are included within your selected range.

Add the Joker Game

You can choose whether to play Joker alongside Viking Lotto. All you need to do to take part is select the Joker option and specify whether you want to enter the Wednesday or Saturday draw. You’re not required to pick any extra numbers as your Joker code will be automatically generated. It costs an extra 10 kr to add Joker to your Viking Lotto ticket.

Decide How Many Draws

You can enter your numbers in just the upcoming draw or for multiple consecutive game weeks. Select the relevant option on your playslip or ask the retail dealer for a multi-week entry. Subscriptions are also available so that you never miss a draw.

Pay for your Entries

Once you are happy with your selections, you can purchase your entries. Remember to keep your ticket safe if you play in a retail store, as you will need it to claim any prizes if you win.

Viking Lotto Rules

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to play Viking Lotto in Denmark
  • It costs 7 kroner per row to play Viking Lotto
  • It is your responsibility as a player to make sure that the information on your ticket corresponds to the selections you want
  • If you want to cancel an entry, you must do so on the same day as you bought the ticket and at the same retailer, provided it is still before the closing time for ticket sales for the next draw
  • You must claim any prizes within 90 days if you played via a retailer and won less than 200 kroner, or within a year if you have won more. The claim period is three years for online players
  • You can only claim prizes in the country where you played the game, so if you buy your ticket in Denmark you must also collect your winnings in Denmark.

Ticket Sales Closing Time

Make sure to get your entries in for Viking Lotto early, as ticket sales close at 5:55pm every Wednesday. This is a couple of hours before the draw takes place. If you miss this deadline you’ll have to wait until the following week’s draw to take part.

How to Win Viking Lotto Prizes

To win a Viking Lotto prize, at least three of your main numbers must be drawn as winning numbers in the draw you have entered. The value of prizes increases as you match more numbers. The first prize pool is worth at least €3 million (approximately 22 million kroner) and is split between players who match all six main numbers and the Viking number. Go to the Viking Lotto Prizes page for more information.