How to Claim Lottery Winnings

Find out how to claim your money if you win a prize in your favourite lottery game. The same rules apply whether you have bought a ticket for Wednesday Lotto, Viking Lotto or another game. However, the exact procedure you need to follow depends on how much you have won, and whether you played online or in a retail store.

Claim Deadline

You have to collect your prize before your ticket expires, otherwise you lose the right to receive the money.

If you purchased your game from a retail store, the deadline to come forward is 90 days from the date of the draw for prizes worth up to 200 kroner. You have more time to get your prize if you win a larger amount, but you must still contact a dealer within one year of the draw.

For tickets purchased online, the claim period is three years from the draw date regardless of the prize amount you are redeeming.

Tickets Bought From a Retailer

If you buy a ticket from a retail store, it is your responsibility to keep it safe and check after the draw to find out whether you have won. You can look at one of the Results or Checker pages on, or take your entry to a dealer for it be scanned.

For winnings of up to 2,000 kroner: The dealer will print out a receipt and pay you directly if you win an award of this value.

For winnings between 2,000 kroner and 5,000 kroner: You may be able to get your prize straight from the dealer if they have the funds available to instantly hand you the money. Otherwise, the dealer has the option to refer you to the lottery’s digital self-service solution to receive your payment.

For winnings of more than 5,000 kroner: You need to visit a retail dealer for your winning ticket to be validated. You will be given a prize certificate and will then be able to use the lottery’s digital self-service solution to receive your winnings.

You may have to present valid photo ID in order to receive any payout. If you win 1.5 million kroner or more, the payment will only be processed three to four weeks later as the Danish Lottery has to wait to see if there are any complaints.

The Danish Lottery is not obliged to pay out winnings if a ticket has been lost or damaged, but it has introduced a playing card to link purchases to players. If you have a player’s card, you can set it up so that any winnings are automatically transferred to your bank account.

Online Entries

If you play online and win a prize, you will be notified automatically regardless of the amount and the money will be transferred straight into your account. If you win more than 1.5 million kroner, you will just need to contact the Danish Lottery before the winnings can be paid.

The great advantage of playing online is that your numbers are stored securely and automatically checked. You don’t have a paper ticket to keep safe so there is no danger of ever missing out on a prize.

Viking Lotto and Eurojackpot Prizes

Viking Lotto and Eurojackpot are multinational games. You can play Viking Lotto in nine other countries apart from Denmark, while there are a total of 18 countries that sell Eurojackpot tickets.

You can take part in any of the participating countries without being a resident and you are eligible to win prizes. However, you must claim your prize in the same country where you purchased your ticket. For example, if you are on holiday in Spain and win a Eurojackpot prize, you must collect your money in Spain. You would not be able to receive your winnings in Denmark.

The claims process is different in other nations, so it is a good idea to check your tickets straight after a draw.