Saturday Lotto Christmas Raffle

The Lotto Christmas Raffle (Julelodtrækning) is a special celebration that happens once a year and creates extra millionaires. The draw gives you a better chance than normal to win a prize of 1 million kroner, making it the perfect way to mark the festive period.

How the Christmas Raffle Works

The Christmas Raffle, launched in 2021 as part of several changes made to Lotto, takes place on the first Saturday after Christmas Eve. It guarantees that 12 players will win 1 million kroner.

It works a lot like the Millionaire Guarantee, so you don’t need to pick any extra numbers or pay an extra fee to take part. To be in with a chance of winning, you just need to buy a Lotto ticket for any of the four draws in the run-up to the raffle. For example, if the raffle is on Christmas Day, like in 2021, you need to enter Lotto on 4th December, 11th December, 18th December or 25th December.

Every row you play on Lotto constitutes a separate entry into the Christmas Raffle. The more entries you submit, the better your chances of winning.

The 12 winning rows are selected at random from all of those entries submitted during the qualifying period.

The Millionaire Guarantee draw continues as normal during the month of December, so the four draws that include the Christmas Raffle will always pay out 20 prizes of 1 million kroner. You can also win a prize in the main Lotto draw on the same night as you win in the Christmas Raffle or the Millionaire Guarantee.

How to Claim Prizes

It’s easy to find out if you are a winner. You’ll receive an automatic notification if you play by email, otherwise you can take your ticket to a retail store or download Danske Spil’s Lotto app and scan it yourself. An instant notification will be sent to you if one of your rows has been selected as a lucky winner.

If you’ve played online, the money will be transferred into your lottery account, otherwise you will be able to get your prize from one of the lottery’s associated banking branches. Go to the page on How to Claim Prizes for more information.